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A Grandmothers Gift & Very Special Project

We have had the privilege of being part of some very special projects.Recently our client Marjorie brought us a quilt top that had been started in the 1930′s by her Grandmother. When her grandmother died before finishing the project she inherited it and had kept it for all these years. In December she learned that her new baby Granddaughter’s nursery would be in the colors of the quilt top. She took it out of the box finished the blocks and sewing and brought it to us to be long arm quilted. She did her research and chose a beautiful vintage looking motif , than we discussed thread colors and density and came up with just the right combination. The quilt has a special label on the back naming it ” The Grandmother’s Gift” and giving credit to the great grandmother and grandma who made it. We hand stitched the binding and to avoid piercing the fabric anymore than necessary , we used bobby pins to hold it in place while we stitched.It was finished and ready to be brought with her when Marjorie flew out to see her new granddaughter shortly after her birth in the beginning of January. What a wonderful gift this little girl received to welcome her into the family,  not just from her family that is here, but also those who came before. I always say “quilts are so much more than fabric, batting, and thread, there is love in every stitch”  that was very apparent in this project.

pixel A Grandmothers Gift & Very Special Project

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