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Quilt Highlights Detective’s Tenure with the City of Pembroke Pines

This story was posted in the Sun Sentinel Newspaper on November 7, 2014, it highlights a quilt we made for a Detective that served in Pembroke Pines police department for over 23 years. 



Dean Soubasis stands next to the king-size quilt created to highlight his history of service in the Pembroke Pines Police Department.

Dectective Quilt 225x300 Quilt Highlights Detectives Tenure with the City of Pembroke Pines










By Fallan Patterson, Forum Publishing Group

In more than two decades with the Pembroke Pines Police Department, Detective Dean Soubasis has acquired dozens of T-shirts and patches from the various events and endeavors he had been involved in.

“I had too many shirts after 23 years stuffed into my closet, and I don’t wear police stuff out in public (off-duty),” he said. “I just couldn’t get rid of them.”

Instead, Soubasis commissioned the quilting group Sweet on Stitches to turn his shirts into a displayable heirloom.

“He had so much stuff [that] we had to do a king-size quilt,” said Angel Anderson, who works with her partner, Sherie McKenna, on the quilts. “We’re preserving people’s history.”

The front of the quilt highlights Soubasis’ dedication to Pembroke Pines. He has served on numerous special units, including the dive team, SWAT and Honor Guard. He volunteered for fundraisers such as Team Dillon, which raised money for an officer’s son who had cancer, and competed in the annual Torch Run for Special Olympics.

He’s also been involved with the department’s volunteer pet rescue organization, Pooches in Pines, since its inception three years ago. A shirt representing the organization is on the quilt.

“I’m not a sit-still kind of person,” he said.

The quilt details Soubasis’ career since he was hired by Pembroke Pines in 1991.

His original road patrol shirt, pocket and name tag included, make up part of a side panel, along with sleeves and patches.

He only purchased two of the shirts specifically for the quilt: one featuring the American flag and the other representing the fallen first responders of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The back of the quilt is solid black with a blue band across the middle, symbolic of the blue band worn across law enforcement badges when an officer dies in the line of duty.

Also represented is Soubasis’ six years as a security guard in Hollybrook, where he insisted on remaining until he was hired by a police department.

His family, longtime Pines residents, also have a strong history of serving the city.

His father, George Soubasis Sr., was a volunteer firefighter before the city’s incorporation, and his brother, George Soubasis Jr., is a retired city detective.

Dean Soubasis, 47, has been part of the detective bureau since 1997 and is currently on the burglary suppression team.

“I’ve done every aspect of the detective division: general crime, domestic violence [etc.],” he said. “… It’s been a great career, and there are lots of things I’ve gotten to do. Everything I’ve been involved in is there.”

pixel Quilt Highlights Detectives Tenure with the City of Pembroke Pines

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