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Reflections of our First Year

We took delivery of our AQPS freedom longarm one year ago, almost to the day,  BOY have we learned a lot !!!! We have met some really great people, learned to manage our time, found that some ideas that seem fun don’t pay the bills, while others can be very fun and profitable.  We found that Sherie and I are very different from one another but our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other.  Sherie is a master quilter, super creative and full of new ideas. Angel is a master organizer and loves to make those ideas happen!  We perfected our system for making T Shirt Quilts, we are a whiz on the long arm ( the intelliquilter helps!) learning how to make our design visions a reality.  But most of all we learned how much love and support quilters give each other. At our  QUIP meeting this week our Guild president moved away, we presented her with a quilt from the  members, she was so overcome she had trouble giving her goodbye speech. At this same meeting one of our members who had been in the hospital and was not expected to return to the Guild, came in a wheel chair and was presented with a quilt made by all of the members.  She just cried and could not speak for a period of time…..  These woman take care of each other just as it should be.  At this same meeting we reviewed the year and it was reported that 100′s of quilts and pillow pals had been given to hospitals and local charities, also this year 315 quilts of valor were donated to the Veterans by the our Guild. Quilters know that a quilt is more than fabric, batting, backing, and thread — there is LOVE sewn in every stitch. We look forward to another great year and meeting more wonderful people !!!!!!!

Quilt of Valor 225x300 Reflections of our First YearPillow Pals 225x300 Reflections of our First YearAQPS Machine 300x225 Reflections of our First Year


pixel Reflections of our First Year

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