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Often called functional works of art, quilts are made to be part of your life. Toddlers often find comfort and coziness in them; they enjoy the quilt’s look and feel in their own bed. Eventually as the children grow old, the quilts are handed down to the next generation.

Most people who love quilts don’t have enough time to finish stitching their quilt. They usually end up stored in the sewing room or closet. We can help you turn your quilt tops into finished quilts in the quickest turnaround.

We cater to a wide variety of machine quilting designs (pantograph patterns) quilts and we always deliver on time. Our longarm quilters can provide you with edge-to-edge patterns, meandering, or custom quilting in our smoke-free, in-home studio using the APQS Freedom Longarm quilting machine.

What is Longarm Quilting?

Longarm quilting is used to describe the size of the sewing machine. Now, it is used to describe a quilting process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing into a finished quilt. A Longarm typically consists of an industrial sewing machine, a 10 to 14-foot table, and several rollers on which the fabric layers are placed. Ours is 14 feet.

The longarm quilting machine makes quilting a completely new experience. It combines the creativity of hand quilting with the speed and accuracy of computerized machine quilting. Quilting using a longarm machine can take significantly less time than hand quilting or more traditional machine quilting. This time saving is a large factor in the gain in popularity of longarm quilting.

How to Prepare Your Quilt Top

This page will guide you through instructions for preparing your quilt for long arm quilting, and a step-by-step guide to pricing and shipping your quilt to us. We have the APQS Freedom Long Arm Quilting machine with the computerized Intelliquilter for a perfect stitch every time. As quilters ourselves, we value and understand the care and love that has gone into your quilt top. We will treat your quilt as through it is our own. Thank you for using Sweet on Stitches for your Long Arm Quilting Services, we will make sure that you’re not disappointed with our work.

Charity Quilt for QUIP Guild 300x225 Longarm Quilting Services


Proper preparation of your quilt top and quilt back is essential to a good result, so please read the following instructions carefully!


  • The three layers of your quilt will be loaded on the machine independently of one another. Please do not pin or baste them together.
  • The batting and backing should measure at least eight inches longer and eight inches wider than your quilt top. For example, if your quilt measures 60″ x 80″, the batting and backing should measure at least 68″ x 88″.

Quilt Top

  • Press seams well. Be sure the top lies flat. Ripples and puffy places will not necessarily quilt flat. Take care that the borders do not ripple and wave.
  • The top should be free of embellishments such as buttons, beads, and crystals.
  • Clip all loose threads and be sure the seams have been pressed.
  • A row of stay stitching, applied ¼ inch or less from the edge of the quilt, will prevent stretching and will keep seams that extend to the edges from separating. ( optional – but recommended )
  • If your quilt has a definite “head,” and you think I might not recognize it, apply a piece of masking tape to identify it.


  • If you send batting, check the package to be sure it is suitable for machine quilting. We do not stock a large variety of batting, but do offer Hobbs 80/20 if you would like to purchase batting from me, it is priced at $7.00 per yard.


  • Please trim off the edges before seaming your backing. Sides should be straight, and the backing squared. Your backing should have straight edges, with opposite edges parallel. Corners should be right angles.
  • We do offer several 108 inch wide quilt backing fabrics for $12 a yard, if you are interested I would be happy to text or email pictures.
  • Be aware that it is not possible to center the top over the backing in both directions. A backing with a center monogram, or with a border, is likely to be “off” in the final product.
  • Thread used on the back side will be the same as the top thread. (Top and bottom threads that contrast too much result in the appearance of specks of the opposing color.)

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